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Mormon Handbook (Second Edition)

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The second edition of the Mormon Handbook is now available. It is 309 pages, for a nominal $12 to help offset our hosting fees.

  • The handbook is a comprehensive guide that systematically confronts the most controversial elements of the church. It simplifies the complex and presents topics with concise, bullet-pointed facts.
  • Most quotations are from LDS leaders and church affiliated and friendly sources.

A selection of reviews of the Mormon Handbook:

"This has to be the finest work yet. I could not put this down. I have been studying the church for over 50 years. I thought I knew everything but I was wrong." -Gerald

"As a Mormon with many questions and doubts, I have waited a lifetime for someone to do this! It's so easy to read and understand! Facts, not opinions. Everything unique to Mormonism is covered, seems to me." -Ken

"I am very impressed with the clarity and simplicity with which you have presented this information. I can ensure those reading this that it does not misrepresent the beliefs of the Mormon faith or its history." -Timbo

"Thank you! I am nearly 75 years old, and have waited all my adult lifetime for a publication like this! Putting everything together, that needed to be together, in one book - finally - and so well done and easy to deal with!" -K. L. Smith

"A refreshingly straightforward look at Mormon history as well as current doctrine and changes that took place in between. Sources used are almost exclusively from well known Mormon friendly sources." -James

"It's an exhaustive and very well done book, and here is a great deal of well documented (original source) information here." -Bary

"The format is excellent, it is easy to look at and read. The information is excellent." -Kenneth

"Wonderful!!!!! A very good information source. A big thank you!" -Marc

"Thank you for making such a professional and well organized book with so much useful information. I will be using this to help my family see to truth." -Robert

"I am now already re-reading the Mormon Handbook and wanted to thank you for a great piece of research." -Robert

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Mormon Handbook (Second Edition)

3 ratings
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